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Bangalore Palm User Group (BPUG)
Networking PalmOS PDA Users In India's Silicon valley

April 10th Meeting Update

Venue: Ivory Tower, MG Road, Bangalore

Theme:                Sync up Meeting - Palm OS updates, New Applications
New Members:  3

Download PDA versions of report: Palmdoc  |  iSilo

We had a great meeting last afternoon at the Ivory Tower hotel on MG road (Barton center). 

We had a good mix of core team members and new members to the group. We had 3 new members - Mahesh, Tushar and Farah. 

Some dope about our members - Mahesh owns a sleek silver color Handspring Visor. He uses it primarily as an organizer. He was delighted to see the varied uses for the PDA.

Tushar, another geeky new member, owns a Tungsten T3. His goal of joining the PUG meeting was to find out what new apps he could use without needing to invest any further. Well his query triggered me to prepare a list titled "Palm Freebies for the Newbie". Check it out on the website. Tushar exploits the T3 along with the popular Sony Ericsson T610 phone with the Blue tooth. He uses the phone to take photos and move them to the PDA with Bluetooth.

Farah uses a Palm V. She is keen to look for a new PDA that would give her the capabilities to email on the move. The T3 seemed of interest for her.

Srini Y N gave us updates on the PalmOne consulting initiative.

Sujay was back after a loooooong time for the PUG meet. Sujay has been one of the regulars at the PUG meets. He still dabbles with new apps on a regular basis. 

Deepak was quite enthusiastic in helping the new members learn their ropes.

We managed to convince Farah to enter and beam her business card. But with Mahesh we weren't that lucky! He handed us a printed business card instead!!!

It was a great meeting and wen on till we were almost kicked out at 7PM. :-)

Thanks to Rajesh for letting us use the venue.

We arent getting to meet some of the newer members to the club like - 
Vinay, Jose, Annada, Damodhar, Raghu, Srinivas, Ranjit, Jane, Ron and Suneethi. Look like they prefer to keep their identities anonymous - no posts, no queries, no intros or meetings! Folks are you still out there? At least yahoo says so. We would like to see you all in the next meeting in May (already announced in the web site).

Keep palming! Cheers

Arun Ramarathnam
BPUG Coordinator.