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Hi everybody,

The PalmOS and PalmOS based PDAs bring us together!

Bangalore, the technopolis, with only around 100 members? I can't believe it. There's got to be more of us smitten by PalmOS based PDAs and they probably don't know about us. 

Let's share and experience PalmOS based PDAs!

We'll meet, possibly as often as we can, amidst all the rat race and the grind, to sweet talk about our beloved(s) ;-) - the PalmOS based PDAs!

Software, Accessories, Synchronization, Indian content, Bangalore content, PalmOS Development and Demos are some of the things we could share!

If you are from Bangalore and crazy about PalmOS based PDAs, here's what you could do...

A) Get in touch with us. D) Volunteer some help G) Suggest a Venue to meet
B) Send us your ideas. E) Author a product review H) Better still, sponsor a get together ;-)
C) Signup a friend / Spread the word around F) Share an experience I)  Let's discuss the palm over a beer!

PalmOS users in Bangalore Reach out! We'd love to hear from you!!! Join us even if you dont belong to Bangalore. We have a web based mailing list that you could join and benefit from.


Arun Ramarathnam
Bangalore Palm User Group
Last updated Sep 22, 2005