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Bangalore PUG | Activities

The following are some of the activities of the Bangalore PUG:

Forum for Palm OS PDA users
The user group provides a forum for Palm OS PDA users to meet and exchange ideas.
Bring new users up to speed
The User Groups seeks to be a forum for new users to meet and to share their learning with each other. 
Foster effective use of Palm OS PDAs
Help members use Palm OS PDAs better to improve productivity and quality of life!
Country specific content
Encourage members to create and share country specific content.
Reviews of Devices and Applications
Encourage members to review Devices and Palm OS Applications and share experiences.
Provide pointers to Support
Lobby for better support of Palm OS devices in the country. Needless to say help better availability of PDA  accessories.
Introduce Palm OS PDAs for various professions
Act as a catalyst to create awareness of Palm OS devices and the benefits of their usage for various professions like doctors..


Last updated Aug 08, 2003